Math Magician

A Math Magician is a person performing mathematical magic tricks. There are some variations and some call it Mathemagician, math-magician or simply math magician. However, the word is not to be confused with Mathematician

A mathematician is a person with an extensive knowledge of mathematics who uses this knowledge in their work, typically to solve mathematical problems.


To laypeople, the word math magician might sound a bit odd, as most people would not be able to tell the difference between a magician and a math-magician. The inability to distinct between the two, is a perfect situation for the math-magician, who simply want people to believe that his is performing illusions, and not that the whole thing is based on math magic.

To magicians however, it is typical very easy to tell a magician from a math magician, as magicians know exactly what to look for in order to understand the details of a trick. There are of course differences and some math magicians do their job very well, meaning it will often be difficult to tell if the tricks performed are based on mathematics or slight-of-hands, etc. One such person is Max Maven, who to the public is better known as a mentalist rather than a math-magician, simply because the term is more friendly to the general public.

Math Magic

Math Magic

In short the term math magician does tell you something about how tricks are performed whereas the word mentalist simply tells you which kind magic is being performed and less so about the way its being done or the way in which the tricks being used have been developed.

Becoming a math magician is easy. Becoming a good math magician is a bit more difficult, but still easy, and in my opinion, the perfect way to get started with the act of performing magic as entertainment, also if you only plan to do it on a small scale at family parties and for when friends and random people when you go out.

Starting out with math magic is a good idea as the act of performing these kind of tricks are far easier than say tricks which require slight-of-hand. Once you know how to perform a certain mathematical trick, you can more of less do it straight away, as these tricks tend to be self-working. Because of this, you can focus on the actual performance, story telling, psychological aspects, etc. With that being said, you need to make sure you chose some really good math magic tricks, as a poor trick easily will expose you as a math-magician. Once you have the right tricks, you also need to practice them a lot, before you start performing for a live audience. You need to make sure that you make the performance look like true magic, and not mathematics.

Here on Math-magician I will share everything I know about how to get started as a math magician. There are lots and lots of mathematical tricks out there, some of which are extremely good and others which are not. I will tell you which ones are worth your time. I will share tips and tricks on performance, storytelling, etc. Hopefully this page will be your one and only resource in order to become an expert math magician!